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Nordmarkens Canoe Center AB

"NORDMARKEN" The wilderness of Värmland ,Dalsland and Southeast Norway !

Sweden is a land of rugged tree lined beauty and true wilderness, where over 50% of the land mass consists of vast stretches of verdant forest and glittering clean fresh water lakes. Established over 40 years ago Nordmarken Canoe Centre is set in the exquisite wilderness county of Värmland, south central Sweden and very close to the Norwegian border offering exceptional ease of access for the traveller.

Just make a call !

It is here, in our cool clear fresh water lakes that you will find many breeds of fish waiting to be caught, here where the canoeist can paddle upon a lake system described by Ray Mears as “being close to religious experience” and here, in the shaded glades of our wooded hills and valleys the bushcrafter or naturalist my hear the soft paw fall of wolf, bear, lynx, and wolverine while for those with eye to see you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a fleeing deer, a chattering red squirrel or the magnificent and noble king of the forest, the mighty Elk. It is a land where canoeing and fishing is a way of life and bushcraft skills are still handed down from father to son to flourish as both a treasured national heritage and as everyday practical skills which many people still use at part of their day to day lifestyle and it is a land to which we gladly welcome you!